Blessington eGreenway 

The Blessington Greenway is an immersive nature trail in Wicklow and an ideal destination for adventurous travellers who wish to explore a glorious corner of Ireland’s ‘Garden County’. Wicklow County Council would like to acknowledge the support and assistance of ESB as the main landowner of the project. The Blessington eGreenway initiative was initially funded by the Department of Transport and is now supported by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

Wicklow County Council  

In the matter of the proposed development  comprising the Blessington Greenway Scheme (Bord Pleanála application reference number ABP-312479-22)

Notice of the Submission by Wicklow County Council to An Bord Pleanála of Further Information pursuant to Section 175(5) of the Planning and Development Act, 2000 as amended.

Wicklow County Council hereby gives notice that it has furnished significant further information to An Bord Pleanála in respect of proposed development comprising the Blessington Greenway Scheme (application register reference number ABP-312479-22).

 The proposed scheme consists of providing a predominately off-road shared use path for pedestrians and cyclists. The Proposed Development will cover approximately 33 km and involve the provision and upgrading of a greenway mostly through forest and woodlands adjacent to the shoreline of the Blessington Lake/Poulaphouca Reservoir SPA in the townlands following townlands located in the Counties of Wicklow and Kildare, namely Blessington , Haylands , Knockieran Lower, Knockieran Upper, Carrig, Sroughan, Lacken, Ballynastockan, Ballyknockan, Carrigacurra, Annacarney, Valleymount, Monamuck, Humphrystown , Baltyboys Upper, Baltyboys Lower, Burgage Moyle, Russellstown, Russborough, Rathballylong, Tulfarris, Glebe East, and Burgage More and passing adjacent to the villages of Valleymount, Ballyknockan and Lacken before returning to Blessington at Knockiernan Bridge. 

The significant further information, including a revised Natura Impact Statement, may be inspected free of charge or purchased on payment of a specified fee (which fee shall not exceed the reasonable cost of making such copy) during public opening hours for a period of six weeks commencing on the Wednesday 8th of May 2024 at the following locations: 

·         The offices of Wicklow County Council, County Buildings, Station Road, Co. Wicklow.

·         Baltinglass Municipal District, Civic Offices, Blessingtion Business Park, Blessington, Co. Wicklow.

·         Blessington Library, New Town Centre, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. 

The significant further information may be viewed/downloaded during the aforesaid period of 6 weeks at all hours on the following websites and 

Any submissions and observations on the proposed development in relation to –

        i.           the implications of the proposed development for proper planning and sustainable development in the area concerned,

      ii.           the likely effects on the environment of the proposed development, and

    iii.           the likely significant effects of the proposed development on a European Site, if carried out, may be made in writing by hand or post to the offices of An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin, D01 V902, or by email to 

Any submission/observation must be received by An Bord Pleanála before the expiration of the period of six weeks commencing on the 8th day of May 2024, i.e. by close of business on the 18th of June, 2024. 

A person may question the validity of any decision by An Bord Pleanála in relation to the proposed development by way of an application for judicial review under Order 84 of the Rules of the Superior Courts (S.I. No. 15 of 1986) in accordance with section 50 of the Planning and Development Acts, 2000 as amended. 

Practical information on the review mechanism can be accessed under the heading Publications – Judicial Review Notice on the Board’s website or on the Citizens Information website 




WICKLOW COUNTY COUNCIL.                    


Blessington eGreenway Routing

Blessington eGreenway Maps 
All maps of the proposed route are available to be directly downloaded below. They have been organised by area.
If you have a query in regards to a map, please use the code associated with the section.

Ballyknockan Maps 

D50 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_110.5.pdf
D51 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_145_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_145.1.pdf
D52 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_145_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_145.2.pdf
D53 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_145_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_145.3.pdf
D54 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_145_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_145.4.pdf
D55 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_145_BALLYKNOCKAN-SHT_145.5.pdf

Baltyboys Maps

D26 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_BALTYBOYS-SHT_110.2.pdf
D27 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.0.pdf
D28 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.1.pdf
D29 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.2.pdf
D30 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.3.pdf
D31 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.4.pdf
D32 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.5.pdf
D33 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.6.pdf
D34 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.7.pdf
D35 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_142_BALTYBOYS-SHT_142.8.pdf

Blessington Maps

D14 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_BLESSINGTON-SHT_110.1.pdf
D15 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.1.pdf
D16 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.2.pdf
D17 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.3.pdf
D18 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.4.pdf
D19 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.5.pdf
D20 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.6.pdf
D21 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.7.pdf
D22 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.8.pdf
D23 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.9.pdf
D24 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.10.pdf
D25 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_141_BLESSINGTON-SHT_141.11.pdf

Lacken Maps

D57 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_LACKEN-SHT_110.6.pdf
D58 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.1.pdf
D59 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.2.pdf
D60 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.3.pdf
D61 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.4.pdf
D62 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.5.pdf
D63 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.6.pdf
D64 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.7.pdf
D65 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.8.pdf
D66 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_146_LACKEN-SHT_146.9.pdf

Tulfarris Maps 

D36 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_101_TULFARRIS-SHT_110.3.pdf
D37 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_143_TULFARRIS-SHT_143.1.pdf
D38 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_143_TULFARRIS-SHT_143.2 (1).pdf
D39 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_143_TULFARRIS-SHT_143.3.pdf
D40 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_143_TULFARRIS-SHT_143.4 (1).pdf

Valleymount Maps 

D41 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_110.4.pdf
D42 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.0.pdf
D43 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.1.pdf
D44 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.2.pdf
D45 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.3.pdf
D46 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.4.pdf
D47 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.5.pdf
D48 - 60617025_SHT_BLGWY_144_VALLEYMOUNT-SHT_144.6.pdf